Patios & Paving

A good patio is essential for any garden.

In fact, it’s probably the most used feature in the garden!

It gives you more living space and improves the usefulness of your garden. But you don’t want something old, crumbling and uneven. We can supply and fit patios and paving in a wide range of styles, helping create a versatile and strong living space that can stand up to anything.

The right choice of paving and patio slabs, stones and flags can breathe new life into even the most tired-looking garden, transforming it into a beautiful outdoor oasis. We can help you choose the perfect paving stones in any material, from exquisite Indian sandstone to modern Italian porcelain, and lay them in a pattern that fits your vision and the garden’s flow. With our help, you can enjoy a stunning patio, outdoor seating area and pathway every single day.

Why Choose Us?

At JM Landscape & Design we take pride in our work as exceptional landscape gardeners, with even the smallest detail accounted for. Our creative and passionate landscape designers will work closely to find out how your space will be used, where pathways and paving will be used, and what materials to use to get the best effect. Our experts can then prepare the ground before laying your patio, bringing the extra touch of magic that your garden has been missing.

Across the team, we have over 100 years of experience in all aspects of landscaping, so no matter how challenging your space is, we can find a solution for you. Whether you want to recreate your Mediterranean holiday experience with Luxury marble, or create a rustic look with hand thrown Terracotta Clay, we can bring your garden dreams to life with the right patio and paving solutions.

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