Across the country, most garden plots are separated using some form of fencing.

We offer a first-class professional fencing service. Our team can supply and install a wide range of high-quality fencing solutions, from warm timber to standard panelling and even chain-link fencing. Whatever your fencing needs, our experts can supply and fit the perfect solution.

And don’t worry about us disrupting your life while we work – we are always sure to keep our work contained and tidy, and we’re respectful of your garden and your home while we work. With decades of experience in landscape fencing, fence installation and fence repair, we have the know-how to handle all types of fencing work, along with an eye for design to make it look great. Whether you need to guard your privacy with a new garden fence, replace an outdated fence, or simply improve the curb appeal of your property, we are here to help.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that employing a fencing contractor can be a real challenge, especially as there are so many companies in Surrey to choose from! At JM Landscape & Design we’re much more than just a fencing company. We’re experts in fencing installation, restoration and repair, and have built a reputation for our attention to detail and high-quality finish.

We also do a wide variety of landscape fencing solutions, so your fence can become a part of your garden’s design, rather than just an eyesore at the edge. Landscape fencing is something a lot of people don’t know about, but all it takes is a little extra thought and care, and your fence can become another beautiful part of your garden landscape. We specialise in designing, sourcing and installing most types of fencing, and are always happy to advise you on which options will suit your property and your budget.

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